23 July 2007

How to get into a hot car

In the heat of summer, the first thing I do when I reach my car is to open all the doors. First the front passenger, then the rear passenger, then the back gate (it's a station wagon), then the rear driver's side, then the driver. Then I roll down the windows in reverse order - driver, rear driver's side, front passenger. (The windows are manual; I fear floods. I skip the rear passenger window because I can't reach it from the driver's seat.) By the time I'm back at the front passenger door, the ovenlike heat wave has wafted its way out, and if I'm lucky there's enough of a breeze to cool the inside of the car to the same temperature as the outside. Then I close the doors in the same order I opened them, and get into the car with the last one.

People tend to stare at me while I'm doing all this. The one time I saw someone else doing this, they were sheepish and apologetic when they noticed me noticing. I guess it just doesn't look very cool. Even though the whole point is to end up cool.

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