12 July 2007

The Price of Gas

Back when I bought my car in 2001, I could fill the whole tank on $12. Even that was expensive compared to ten years before that, when $0.99 per gallon was average and $1.20 was high.

Now it's $2.92 per gallon and closer to $30 for the tank. I no longer drive anywhere except for work, home, and the grocery store in between. Anything else counts as a major expedition, where it's a waste of gas money if I don't have at least three errands along my well-planned route. My neighborhood has shrunk. Stuff that was "close" before is now "far."

On the bright side, I walk more than I did before. It's good to get more exercise, and sometimes I see things I wouldn't from a car.


Unknown said...

... over here in the UK petrol is around £1 per litre, so about £4.50 a gallon... somewhere near $9.

For once we are ahead of you :p

Why doesn't that make me happier?

MWT said...

I guess it all depends on how you want to define "ahead". :D