11 July 2007

In the beginning, there was (){} ...

Out of all the things I've ever coded in Matlab, the following FOR loop is the only loop I've ever figured out how to set up all by myself:
    for i=1:(floor((max(datetime)-min(datetime))/binsize))
It sets up bin intervals at a size defined by user input. (A "bin" being, more or less, "all the data between points A and B.")(And "user input" meaning "user decides where A and B should be.")

Everything else I have is cobbled together from bits of code out of other people's scripts, my past cobbled-together scripts, or by describing a code problem to programmer friends - whereupon they mostly volunteered to write it for me. (Coders are great that way. Present a problem and their eyes light up. The slightest encouragement will see them off and running to solve it.) (Many thanks to Ewok, Esquared, Senator, and analog for past code help of that form. :) )

Given that, I'm still sometimes amazed (and incorrigibly pleased with myself) at what I've somehow managed to accomplish since I started working where I am. I started out knowing nothing whatsoever about Matlab. Now, I can casually say "oh, I'll just write up a quick script to do Complex Maneuver X." I'm also slowly learning IDL and it's on my list to learn PostgreSQL.

I'm not a coder. I can passably code, and sometimes code sings to me. But I don't seek out coding projects, nor live and breath it the way real coders do.

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