22 October 2007

The entire range of my cartooning abilities

I used to draw this horse in large quantities in grade school. I could do it standing still, walking, running, rearing, with a saddle and reins, with a rider, with wings, with a unicorn horn, by itself or in a herd. Sadly, it's the only thing I can draw. Also I can only draw it facing to the left - they look as crummy as my human figures when facing to the right.

1. I drove 800 miles again yesterday and am too tired to say anything profound just now, so I'll just doodle a quick pony...
2. To the Whatever readers: yes I know it's a few days after the nick of time. No it's not throbbing, sorry. If you want, you could always bang your head into the wall a few times until it looks like it is.


Shawn Powers said...

Hehehe... Here's a throbbing zombie pony for you. I have similar graphic skills. :)

(I posted a link in the Whatever thread too, because it made me laugh)

MWT said...

Looks like we've been Whateveretted for it. :)

Megadeus said...


Anne C. said...

Congrats, MWT on the Whateveretting. That is totally cool. If I come on to your blog and say complimentary things, will you send your readers my way? ;) Hee! Kidding, of course.
Your horse looks very contrary. Her legs are braced and her ears are back. Maybe she's a wild pony who has been captured by a young girl and she wants to be returned to the wild, not taught to bear a human on her back.
(Shawn, I love the "throbbing pony.")

MWT said...

Sounds like you've got a short story percolating up. ;)

Yeah, I was thinking that the legs were a bit too slanty while I was drawing them, but then it was already in ink on the first try, and the idea was to show a typical horse done in under a minute and not the quintessence of cartoon horses... so I let it pass. I'd say it's definitely too late to change it now. ;)