20 October 2007

The herding of cats

Tour guide (a current student): "This is where some of the faculty have their offices..."

Alumni: "That used to be the computer lab." "Are any of the teachers I knew still here?" "What's over there now?" "Didn't the mailboxes used to be on this wall and not that one?" *people start wandering off in different directions*

Tour guide: "This is where we have our dorm rooms..."

Alumni: "Oh hey! This was my room! And this was yours!" "I want to go over to the other wing where my room was." "Do the bathrooms look the same too?" *more people wander off*

Tour guide: "Uh, and this here is what my room looks like..."

Alumni: "Wow, the furniture hasn't changed in 15 years and it even still smells the same!"

*half the crowd has disappeared*

Alas poor tour guides. I guess they taught us well to be independent thinkers and explorers.

One of the event organizers: "I'd show you the renovated auditorium but I don't have the key to it."

Alumni: "Oh, well. The door hinges are on the outside, right?"

Event organizer: "... please don't."

Alumni: "We used to disable the door alarms with magnets."
Fellow alumni (who is now an electrician): "I unscrewed the plate on the door for my wing and disconnected the wires."

Ahh... good times.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes. Thank you for bringing back the memories. "Hey that was the oak tree that I jumped onto from the balcony because the squirrel stole my purse!" Thank you for this trip down amnesia lane.

MWT said...

A squirrel stole your purse? Do tell. :)

And umm, aren't you supposed to be writing fiction by now? *poke poke*