29 June 2008


A while back I pimped a friend of mine, who writes how-to-draw articles for eHow and earns a small but steady wad of cash every month from their ad-revenue-share program. As a homebound disabled guy, trickle incomes are helpful things to have.

Well, last week he was gathering new members who, if they clicked through on his referral link on their way to sign up, would get him more money. So I did. :) Now I too can earn a few cents here and there if people read my articles.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, I don't actually know how to do anything. This has become rather more apparent since I've been following the lives of other UCFers, who can make bowls, jam, jewelry, catnip blankets, humorous videos, cakes shaped like hot dogs, fancy flowers, chicken liver soups, and tall buildings. I mean, I can do things like extract earbones out of the braincases of small fish, or identify any postlarval Lutjanine snapper in the western Atlantic by counting their fin elements and observing pigmentation... but those aren't exactly must-have skills for very many people.

Anyone have any suggestions??


Anonymous said...

Learn how to do something right-brained & fun - then write eHow articles on it.

And, I'd think you're an expert in budgeting after all those years in grad school and working on a research fellowship.

Hmmm... crafty uses for minor pieces of ichthyological anatomy... thinking...

Tania said...

Don't go dissing the otolith. Otoliths are AWESOME!

I didn't make the catnip mats, though I could! I have far more sophisticated sewing skills than those required for a catnip mat. A neighbor of MIL makes and sells them at the Farmer's Market, and grows the catnip too.

I think a handy "how to" on identifying fish would be useful. Especially if you aimed it at fish people would want to eat.

MWT said...

My masters thesis was based on counting rings in otoliths, so I certainly won't disagree on their usefulness. :)

Hmmm. Sophisticated sewing skills you say? Next time I need an outfit made to spec, do you suppose I could get you to do it? (I tried that with a friend of a friend for something I'd planned to wear to the wedding but there were a number of snafus, which led to some drama...)

Nathan said...

Based on your friend's post, it doesn't sound like their only going for common-knowledge stuff.

Extracting ear bones (from anything) sounds like it's perfectly acceptable.

Or how about how to predict who's gonna feel free to steal from the tip jar? Or how to (and not to) book a family trip to Hawaii?

Unknown said...

If counting rings and fin elements and observing pigmentation is amongst your skills then you are very good at pattern recognition. There is a world out there that needs pattern recognition skills.

Eric said...

If aliens invade and the fate of the whole Earth depends on my knowing the setlist from Pink Floyd's 1977 "In The Flesh" tour, I assure you the world is safe. If saving the Earth requires some kind of survival "skills," however, I regret to point out that it's on record that I barely have a chance to survive the attack of anything much larger than a common housecat and indeed a gorilla will beat me to death with my own limbs 74% of the time.

Hey, I'm a lawyer. We don't need skills.