04 August 2008


My loot from Janiece has arrived. As with everyone else, I'll refrain from saying what it is until everyone else has theirs. ;)

Also arriving today is what appears to be preloot loot from Michelle.

And a postcard from Rebelcat and Galenthias while they were in Crete.

And a package of dried fruits from my mother.

It's been a loot-rich day. :)


Janiece said...

Yay, LOOT!

Anne C. said...

Happy Loot Day!

Megadeus said...

Loot? What's the story behind all this, then? O_O

Nathan said...

I'm waiting to see who the first one is who figures enough people have scored loot to spill the beans.

congrats on a loot filled day. Those are always good.

Random Michelle K said...

What we should do Nathan, is take pictures of ourselves, send them to the USF e-mail group, and then someone can photoshop them all together into a group shot when everyone has theirs!

MWT said...

Michelle: I'll start shopping for my scythe and robe woven of absolute darkness right away!

Megadeus: basically the UCF got together everyone's snailmail addresses so that they can send packages to each other. (As far as I know, nobody's packages have exploded.) I didn't give mine to absolutely everyone, but there's a subset of people who have it.

As for the postcards, those are being traded between a few RPoLians. Once I get all the ones I'm supposedly getting, I'll post them all up together. (Ask me in the channel sometime if you want in. ;) )

Random Michelle K said...

BTW, not look, just a plot.

If I can actually *do* it.