10 August 2008

My Lush, Expansive Garden Volume Four

Here's what my garden looks like at the moment. To the left is the present state of my basil. I let five of the flower stalks do their natural thing, but have been trimming off any new ones I see. Still, it was too late, as you can tell by its pale yellow color... On the other hand, I have lots of little black seeds. I can make new basil! There are two small sprouts at the bottom, possibly the earliest seeds, which are making the original rounded leaves instead of the pointy ones.

Meanwhile, my chives are also flowering. None of the buds have opened yet, but I'll get closeups when they do.

The other two pots are tomatoes. These were originally planted by a neighbor who had 50 of them all in one tiny pot. He offered to give me a few. Somehow I ended up with 20 - about 15 in the two pots pictured and another 5 in a third pot on the neighbor's patio. (They're there because animals kept digging them up when they were on my patio.) Something keeps eating the flower buds, so I've sprayed them down with Sevin, so hopefully they'll actually manage to fruit at some point.


Nathan said...

Fresh tomatoes are amazing. I may need to plant some next year. This year I'm letting the yard go fallow. (I tell myself it's a conscious decision, but really I'm just being lazy.)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that basil is looking decidedly not-ready-for-spaghetti (or basil beef, as the case may be).

Mmm... tomatoes. I wonder if anyone watered mine while I was gone? They're sure coming on slowly this year.

I always want to grow enough to make salsa. And I come up with about 4 x 50 cent sized tomatoes a week, not even enough for a single serving of caprese salad.

I hope yours set fruit and you get some yet this summer!