31 August 2008

Wanted: Greater Variety of Restaurants

The restaurants within walking distance to me are:

1. A southern-style diner with late hours. Lots of deep fried stuff. Good crab stew and hot wings. Expensive sandwiches. Fake scallops. Their food quality had plummeted the last couple times I was there, so I try to ignore it.

2. A Japanese restaurant. Good but not great sushi. Run by Mandarin-speaking Chinese people.

3. A Domino's.

4. A Pizza Hut that also has a WingStreet in it. Good wings, better pizza than Domino's, much farther walk.

5. A Sonic. This is a drive-in fast food place with burgers and shakes and stuff. It doesn't usually come to mind when I'm trying to decide on a restaurant to walk to.

Then there's an empty restaurant building. The last two restaurants in it were both deep fried chicken places. They probably went under from competition with the diner. The diner's food quality has probably plummeted due to lack of competition from the chicken places.

Me, I'd be thrilled to see something in it that offers food other than what we already have in the immediate area. A Chinese takeout, for example. Or maybe Mexican - we do have a fair number of Hispanics in the area. Or if someone could pull off an Indian takeout, or a Korean takeout, or Greek. I could do with a baklava stand. Anything besides more deep-fried chicken.


Random Michelle K said...

Obviously, the Dominoes should be your first choice!

Nathan said...


Here's the restaurants in my neighborhood.

(It's not a complete list.)


MWT said...

Nathan: *TONG!*

Or actually, since it's slightly more relevant, being as it's food-based: *FOOM!*


Sadly, Domino's is the closest of all those, and therefore ends up being my choice more often than I'd really like...

Anonymous said...

I live in a small town and we have very few restaurants. Of the few we do have, most have either horrid service, scary food, or both. (The Chinese and Japanese restaurants suck at both.)

We don't eat out much, which is probably a good thing.

Jim Wright said...

Walking distance? Hahahahaha! Yeah, right.

Five minute drive: I've got the local small town restaurant, or the other small town restaurant. There is a pizza place, one of those scary little shed like buildings, pre-made dough mix and canned sauce made by 17 years olds, I tried it once. once.

I could drive to Wasilla, where there is a fairly decent fake Mexican joint - which is full up with reporters hoping for the Sarah Palin scoop - I'm going to avoid that for a good long while.