28 June 2007

Assorted Followups

1. Food. Seems that much of the time I think about food while I'm driving. Tonight it was "what should I eat?"

In the fridge I have:
a) at least two bowls left of spinach tofu soup (with rice noodles (which, incidentally, seems to be a misname, because it's actually "bean thread" and not rice)). Unfortunately I have no more clean pots left that I can use to heat it up if I want to also add an egg to it. It's possible to do the egg in the microwave, but it's a multistep process that doesn't work terribly well.

b) the rest of some cold buckwheat noodle soup from the Korean restaurant last weekend. I've already eaten everything that came in it other than noodles, so at this point it's just the noodles in a wasabi-flavored broth.

c) a baking potato, plus the sour cream, cheddar, butter, and fresh chives I could put into it. But I'm not in a potato mood.

d) a bowl of leftover egg noodles that I'd cooked yesterday to go with the broiled salmon, that in turn I made to go with the roadside corn (which was very very yummy, by the way). I also have a lot of the salmon sauce left.
    Salmon sauce
  • one 8oz container of sour cream
  • juice of one lemon
  • two tablespoons dijon mustard
  • four tablespoons maple syrup
  • fresh dill
  • lemon zest (tiny shreds from the lemon rind)
  • salt and black pepper

    Mix together and put over cooked salmon.
It sounds questionable from the ingredients list, but it's very tasty.

I also thought about ordering some hot wings from the southernish diner across the street from my apartment, Carey Hilliards. They're open late. But in the end, I decided to go with making more salmon to use up more of the sauce and also eat the rest of yesterday's noodles.

2. The car ignition revisited.

I figured out how to get around the problem with putting the key into the ignition. As soon as I turn off the car, I remove the key from the ignition, then put it right back in again. Sometimes getting it back in takes some jiggling, but it goes in. After that, when I pull it out the second time, it's still lined up by the time I get back to the car later. Problem solved ... at least for now.

The car is nearly 10 years old. I guess it's decided it's time to develop some character. I don't want a car with character, though - I just want a car that works. A car that's "invisible" in the same way good writing is. :P

3. Moon. Well, it's a waxing gibbous right now, but there's something more interesting to share from astronomy today. Namely: Earth and Jupiter, as seen from Mars. It was taken in 2003, but I didn't see it until today, so here it is today. :)

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Galenthias said...

1. No clean pots? How often do you do your dishes? How many pots do you own? Having no clean pots sounds so very.. bachelorian?

2. The car. Well, I've heard that more things went on with the car later, so maybe the key is fixed now as well? I should notice as I keep reading ;)

3. When it comes to astronomy, I still like this site a lot: http://www.astro.princeton.edu/~mjuric/universe/
It has got a logarithmic map of the entire universe, as seen from the earth. (It is hard to miss.. that entire page is devoted to it ;)
http://www.astro.princeton.edu/~mjuric/universe/all300.gif is the 300 dpi version - it is a huuge file of pointless goodness ;)
(Food and Car.. shouldn't this post be tagged "Moon" as well? ;)