21 June 2007

The Cost of Living

All that is required of anyone in life is to pay one's bills - to pay for the cost of being alive in the form of food and shelter. Everything beyond that is bonus.

Those pursuing the so-called "American Dream" forget that. Everything becomes about how much can be made by investing in things. I don't want to invest in things. I buy things that I'm personally going to use until it falls apart. I don't need a house when I already have a roof over my head. Rent is not a waste of money. Being alive isn't free.

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Galenthias said...

What, exactly, is this "American Dream" you are talking about, that doesn't entail paying for one's own life? Moving out in the forest and hunting moose by digging pits with your bare hands or hand-crafted makeshift tools is certainly a dream, but I wouldn't think that it would be widespread enough to be called an "American" dream ;)

(I'm taking more notice of the sentences "Being alive isn't free" than any references to investing, the latter which I assume are about stock markets and the like)