27 June 2007

The woman who walks

For years there has been a woman who walks down the same stretch of road I drive on. She has a shock of white hair, a deeply weathered face, and until today always wore the same thing - light blue denim jacket and jeans. Rain or shine, summer or winter, her clothes never changed.

She has hitchhiked a few times. I picked her up twice and drove her to her house. It turns out she walks from somewhere midtown, and she lives in the wealthy gated community on the island where I work. That's a 10-20 minute drive, much of it at 50-60 mph. I can't imagine how long it would take to walk it. But she does it nearly every day.

Today I passed her again. She was wearing a rose-colored blouse and tan pants. No denim in sight. I wonder what has changed about her life.

1 comment:

Galenthias said...

Personally I would have suspected a party of some sort. Maybe a reception? But since this comment comes with a lot of possible hindsight I can simply ask for a follow-up, like "Did she return to wearing denim at once, or did she wait until the weather/season changed?"

By the way, since you have talked to her.. did she work mid-town, or was she retired? About how old was she? (Is?)