22 June 2007

Stargate SG1

The first six seasons were totally awesome. Every single episode was solid. The plot arcs were spectacularly good, and the characters were wonderfully compelling.

The seventh season was pretty good too.

The eighth season ... had a lot of good episodes in it.

Then ... well, some other stuff happened in seasons nine and ten. *vague dismissive handwaving*


Tonight is the series finale. The show should've ended two years ago. It's definitely going out with a whimper, not a bang. I think TV writers must get cocky about their success right around season 8 or so, and figure they can do no wrong, and therefore it's perfectly okay to take apart everything about a show that made it a success in the first place. That's certainly what looked like happened to SG1.

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Galenthias said...

I heard it that five seasons was a good run for shows, but after that the writers would burn out, or the series would need to reinvent (which might just as well lead to jumping the shark)

And isn't it basically so that series end witha bang in the first season, when no one knows if they will survive, but then keep rolling in the hopes of wringing another few bucks out of it? (Series with less distinguished main characters, like having many of them, might be more prone to this than series where only one or a few are MCs?)

Anyway, I haven't watched much stargate at all, so I can't really say anything ;)