26 June 2007


The marsh was beautiful this afternoon, what with the sun shining down on it and shadows of cloud patches wandering across the road. It wasn't too hot out. Maybe only low 90s Fahrenheit.

I bought three ears of corn. The man said he'd just picked them this morning. Tonight I'll see about broiling some salmon to go with them. The man also said he'll sell tomatoes later on, so maybe it'll turn into a full-fledge stand with lots of veggies to choose from.

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Galenthias said...

Three ears of corn? Over here that is enough for the whole family, but then we usually serve corn almost as if it was a sort of dessert. Actually two ears is enough, then each is split in two before boiling. Too bad that RC is the only one that is good at boiling them. I don't know if I let mine boil too little or too much, but they were hard anyway.. :(