20 August 2007

AP desperately needs copy editors. Also, a good word for Wikinews

Here's the second and third paragraphs of an article about medical benefits for disabled pro athletes, with errors fixed:
    Yet Johnston sympathizes with broken-down former players who need help with medical bills and aren't getting it. His own experience with the system showed was eye-opening.

    So the former Dallas Cowboys star and current Fox NFL analyst jumped into the ongoing battle over disability payments on Monday, albeit with a twist. Rather than continuing CONTINUE the name-calling that has overshadowed many of the issues, Johnston went with a new tactic by making a plea to commissioner Roger Goodell.

These sorts of things used to merely annoy me when I went past them. Nowadays I'm spoiled by Wikipedia's "anyone can edit anything!" feature, so now I'm also twitchy.

On the bright side, there now exists Wikinews. It's a Wikimedia wiki of news, written by normal people on topics of their choosing. News by the people for the people, and of interest to the people! News that doesn't omit world events having nothing to do with the U.S.! News written without a U.S.-centric slant! News that normal people actually care about, and not just what official news sources say we should care about! News that isn't propaganda by shady governmental conspiracies! News that isn't outright lies!

It's still a relatively small project, but for people who are jaded by professional news sources for whatever reason, Wikinews is shaping up to be a pretty good alternative.

(Disclaimers: Wikinews and Wikipedia are both Wikimedia projects but their communities aren't closely related other than that. I don't contribute much myself; I'm just there to read.)

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