08 August 2007

Cult of Robert

Robert is a writer and artist. His words inspire and contain little grains of truths. Every time he says something, people flock around him and communities grow.

Robert isn't a website I can point to in my list of Interesting Places to Visit. He isn't a mountain where people can go, from where he dispenses his wisdom from on high. He's a mountain that moves among the people, dropping wisdom everywhere he goes.

Robert has blogs on LiveJournal, DeviantArt, Hobgoblin, and many other online communities. He contributes his lengthy rambles to all kinds of forums large and small. People like me follow him around, and no matter how long his posts, we read them all.

Robert isn't trying to be a cult at all. He does nothing to cultivate followers. He just lives his life, being true to himself, and shares some of it with others so we can learn from his experiences too.

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