31 August 2007

Emerald Sword

Every year, there is a contest known as the Labor Day Novel writing marathon. In short: write an entire "novel" (with a beginning, middle, and end) in three days. In practice, the actual stories tend to be in the range of 25-30k, which is more of a novelette - but close enough for marathon purposes! It starts tomorrow and ends Monday night.

Also, Emerald Sword by Rhapsody of Fire is a great song for inspiring fantasy stories:

Its lyrics are available at LyricWiki.org.

My good friend Robert has decided to write a novel based on the song for Labor Day Novel this year.

Unfortunately, his enthusiasm is contagious, and so despite the many excuses that come immediately to mind for why I shouldn't do this, both I and an innocent bystander (alcar) are going to write stories based on Emerald Sword this weekend too.

Any of my esteemed readers want in on this last-minute madness too? Drop a comment here. Write a Ficlet if you have no time for anything bigger. :)

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