01 August 2007


There's a tiny smudge of dirt on my desk that is shaped like a hawk in flight. It's too small to photograph with anything I have. It's been here for months. For some reason, I can't quite bring myself to clean it off.


Megadeus said...

You are SO bizzarre.

MWT said...


Everything has some kind of profound symbolic meaning to me. I just haven't figured out exactly what the hawk is for yet.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...we had a spot on our washing machine that looked like a death head. I think it was made of tooth paste or something. It's gone now as it has been rubbed off for some reason. But I never wiped it away even when I cleaned the rest of the washing machine.

Guess I'm bizzarre too ;).

MWT said...

Yeah, I figure someone else will eventually come along and clean it off. But it won't be me. ;)