16 August 2007

Coding Blues Haiku

Today I must learn
some PHP 101
I'm so very screwed

This sample script has
I don't understand

HTML forms:
The part of HTML
that I never learned

Queries of SQL
I can do simple statements
Long ones? Not so much

Why oh why oh why
can't talking to computers
all be one language?

I'll use PHP
to build a website of forms
all of it from scratch

Putting data in
to a SQL database
shouldn't be by hand

Getting data out
of a SQL database
needn't be either

Easy GUIs**
No more command prompt typing
once the website's done

research can commence
Data within easy reach
science moves forward

Instead I sit here
not reading the manual

Playing Snoodoku
surfing, instant messaging
writing bad haiku

My brain is gridlocked
Way too many languages
all of them at once

Matlab 6.5
makes perfect logical sense
compared to all this

But enough blogging
It's time to go back to work
PHP awaits

*pronounced like "sequel"
** pronounced "Gee You Eye"

1 comment:

Megadeus said...

Sigh! Get to work, you lazy bum!