31 October 2007

Jamaican goat stew

Two observations about authentic Jamaican goat stew:

1. Goat meat has exactly the same appearance, taste, and texture as corned beef.

2. It has bone fragments in it. So do a lot of authentic Chinese soups and stews, some of which I've been invited to eat at the takeout where I work. Not only are there bone fragments, there are also bits of skin, blood vessels, and other assorted tissues. It makes the stew taste outstanding as long as I don't look at it too closely. As it requires both hands, napkins, and a discard receptacle, it's not so good for eating while working.


John the Scientist said...

Heh. You haven't seen funny until you've seen a 5 year old try to eat that stuff. My wife makes that ginger chicken soup they give to prgnant women in Taiwan. My daughter loves it, but whenever she hits non-meat tissue...bleakh.

We're going to Taiwan in April, and I want to see how she handles tsou dofu. I'll be torn between wanting to see her expression up close and not wanting to get within 500 meters of the vendor when he's dishing that crap out.

MWT said...

Is that you, udarnik? Welcome to my blog. :)

Maybe you could set the wife up with a videocamera during the tso dofu event...

John the Scientist said...

Yeah, it's me. I go by a few names on the net because I my work is reviewed some pretty humorless people in the government.

I also contribute to the Libertarian blog "Chicago Boyz" under the name "John Jay".