17 October 2007

Parodies of parodies

Road trippin' across America
In my station wagon at 80 miles an hour!

Road trippin' across America
Boldly going northward, I think my back's gone sour.

-- parodied from the chorus of Star Trekkin',
which is itself a parody of Star Trek:
The Original Series
by The Firm.

Most people in the U.S. know of the song from Dr. Demento's radio show. For anyone who might've never heard it before, here's a video version that reinterprets it for Stargate: Atlantis (another parody!):

Mmmmm... wraiths. I would so be a wraith worshipper. While I'm waiting for that to ever happen, I'll be driving 800+ miles today. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves while I'm gone. :)

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Jim Wright said...

I've always said that Stargate SG-1 (and it's bastard clone Atlantis) were nothing more than ST ripoffs. The tech lexicon is exactly the same, but I guess that's cheaper than having to invent your own - and you get the whole ST audience for your Neilson ratings. Woohoo! But I never paired up the characters, watching the video it's obvious. This is some funny stuff, MWT. Thanks.