23 August 2008


One hundred eighty two days after I swung the clue-by-four, he said "I'm sorry."

So I called him an asshole.

He said again, "I'm sorry."

I called him less mature than a 15 year old.

He said again, "I'm sorry."

So I forgave him.

The end.


tommy said...

thats the way it goes

MWT said...

Heheh. Yeah, I guess so. It can get extremely complicated though, and take a really long time to work itself out all the way. I wasn't expecting this particular case to reach closure at all.

Nathan said...

Only 180 days?

I'm pushing 12 years with someone I once considered my mentor. I'm thinking yours worked out better.

good on ya!

MWT said...

Heh, it wasn't anything I did. He just reappeared out of the blue (though I'd heard background rumors that his life had gotten rather eventful in the intervening time).

Good luck with the former mentor. Maybe it'll work out someday.

Anonymous said...

I'll just say - YAY!

And I hope this (despite this being kinda unrelated, but just kinda) means we'll see Rebelcat commenting here sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

How would this have anything to do with my inability to make decent comments :P.
This closure is between MWT and you-know-who. As far as I know I don't have anything that I need to be forgiven for...

The reason I don't comment here is mostly because I tend to comment in other ways ;). Just like you tend to comment in chat instead of in my LJ. The other reason is that I seldom has anything to say.
So yea, it's pretty unrelated.

And since I'm already here commenting; Yay closure! That's a good thing.