03 February 2008

Offerings to the Blog Police

As it happens, I actually did comply with the International Internet Code of Conduct when I first started this blog. However, since I'm surrounded by people who didn't, and who are now in the midst of rectifying their non-compliance, I thought I'd go with the flow and share a pet picture.

Unfortunately, I have no pets. So here's a stuffed dog that sits on top of the monitor to my Powermac 8500/G3. Its name is Fetch. Those who have ever used Mac OS pre-X may recall a popular FTP program (also known as Fetch) which had an icon that looked almost exactly like my stuffed dog.

I'd fret about whether stuffed animals are sufficient for fulfilling the Code of Conduct, but since I'm already in compliance, that seems counterproductive.

Update: Followup post here


Janiece said...

MWT, I think Fetch fulfills your "booster" requirement. Or you can borrow a photo of Boogie the Giant Schnauzer, if you wish. He's always willing to share the power of his cuteness with the masses.

Nathan said...

Even if you weren't previously in compliance as you claim, I would judge the posting of two (2) photos to put you into compliance now.

Breathe easy. The Internet Police have removed you from their "suspect" files.

Anonymous said...

I still use Fetch. The program, not the stuffed dog. :)

The stuffed dog, however, is very cute!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I was misinformed. I was led to believe that the Code required, specifically, each blogger to post a picture of said blogger's cat. Not having a cat myself, I used a picture of John Scalzi's cat, which he offered for LOLcat building. If stuffed animals are allowed, then I need not have worried. Buy the LOLcat made my daughter laugh so hard she fell on the floor, so it was worth it (it isn't that funny, she'd just never seen one before).

Anonymous said...

"Buy the LOLcat" -- sorry, meant "But the LOLcat." Everyone knows LOLcats are free.

Random Michelle K said...

I've got cat pictures on my site if you want to borrow one.

In case you feel the desperate need to post a cat picture.

MWT said...

Unfocused Me: Apparently there are so many subclauses and exemptions and such that it would take a lawyer to unravel it all. ;)

As I heard it, dogs are allowed if you post two of them instead of only one. I'm not sure how it works for non-cat non-dog pets, however. You might have to post 10 pics of your fish.

Michelle: I have a cat pic. Unfortunately I only have one cat pic, so if I never need to post a cat pic here again, it'll be a rerun. ;)

Tania said...

MWT, I think Fetch is an adorable computer totem. And I remember the program, too. :)

Random Michelle K said...


You can borrow one of my cats. Really. I'd offer a long term loan of the small cat, except that my grandmother is really fond of her, and talks to her all the time, so I guess we have to keep her.

MWT said...

Hmmm... *eyes Michelle suspiciously*

This reminds me of the time some friends offered to give me their kids. The younger one would come with the feature "has strong lungs."


Tom said...

So, when you yell "Fetch," does it come or go? Oh, it just sits there. Must be deaf.

As for compliance, did anyone else notice the contradiction of "post cat pics once" and "dogs at twice the frequency". Frequency?

Random Michelle K said...


The small cat is extremely cute and loves attention.

Which is why she's still alive.

John the Scientist said...

I am out of compliance, and liekyl will remain so. The onyl pictures on my blog are of CW's electronics and Juan Trippe's globe, becuase CW is the only one of us who posts pics.

I, however, play host to two real cats.

Nathan said...

What's wrong with frequency?

Definitions of 'frequency'
(frēkwən-sē) - 3 definitions - The American Heritage® Dictionary
frequency (n.) The property or condition of occurring at frequent intervals.
frequency (n.) The number of times a specified periodic phenomenon occurs within a specified interval, as:The number of repetitions of a complete sequence of values of a periodic function per unit variation of an independent variable.

Tom said...

Oh noes! Nathan wasn't supposed to see my snarking.

Dumb Internets!

Besides, I think the frequency is supposed to be 7 times in dog ears.

Anonymous said...

Frequency? My dogs prefer to broadcast in the FRS UHF spectrum - that would be the 462-467 Mhz range.

I hate it when they drool on my handhelds though.

Tom said...

Nathan made a HoopLOL!

Anonymous said...

As promised.


MWT said...

Yay Big Pink Fishie! :D