24 February 2008

Work It Out - Jurassic 5 (with Dave Matthews)

I'm not much a fan of hip-hop, but I like Jurassic 5's "Work It Out." This video was made by some kid in high school, but to my mind it captures the spirit of the song much better than the "official" video. The second verse especially speaks to me.
    These are different times but we feel the same pains
    The blood of mankind running through the same veins
    We'd like to make it right some which it remain tame
    Same crimes even though the names change
    And we're like different minds working off the same brain
    Passengers on different cars stepping off the same train
    In the end, making it right's the main aim
    Different parts of the picture highlight the same frame

(Actually I'm not convinced that he really says "some which it remain tame" but have no idea what it might be instead. All the online lyric websites, which basically just copy back and forth from each other, say the same thing.)


Unknown said...

Well, couldn't catch what was said in the third line, but "pains" and "veins" was not plural, but singular: "pain" and "vein".

Random Michelle K said...

Apropos of nothing...

I had a dream about you MWT!

"We" (not sure who "we" was) were searching for you, and came across a magazine article where you had been interviewed in your teens for something or another.

There was a picture of you with shoulder length black hair, wearing a dark t-shirt, and looking like the non-existent sister of my friend James (who is my evil twin, except for those times when I am the evil twin) who is half Irish-half Chinese and who is frequently mistaken for Hawaiian. There was a caption under the picture that said something along the lines of, "He believes that ... (whatever it is the article was about)."

So that's why *my* subconscious told me about you.

And if you can parse out that paragraph on the first read through you get bonus points. :)

MWT said...

Michelle - see now, that's the kind of mortar that would work great over at the back fence, due to not really fitting anywhere else. ;)

Brenda - actually I'm pretty sure "pains" is plural. If you listen closely, the "s" is tacked in just before "The" of the next line. That's common in singing - to stretch out a word that way until just before the next word.

"Veins" I don't hear an s but it may well have just been silent. I'd leave it in though because that way it rhymes with "pains." (And I'll check around to some more of the live shows on Youtube - it's usually helpful to figure out lyrics by listening to many different versions of the same song (though sadly in this case it isn't helping me with that third line much (but I think the last word in it is "maintain"))).

Random Michelle K said...

Well, I've been easily distracted. :)