26 February 2008

New Improved Fetch and Classic Fetch, together at last!

So a while back I posted some pictures of my plush toy dog Fetch, who bears a striking resemblance to an old icon of the FTP program by the same name. I was quite fond of the program when I was still using Mac OS pre-X.

Well, it turns out that the FTP program is still around, updated with a new icon for Mac OSX. Furthermore, the fellow who created the software, Jim Matthews, saw my post. He has kindly provided me with a plush toy of the new, improved Fetch.

The new dog is every bit as cuddly as he looks. :)

I haven't tried out modern Fetch yet, though it looks quite spiffy from the guided tour. In a year or two when our Solaris machines become obsolete, we're probably going to move to Macs. Then I'll very likely become a Fetch fan once again.


Shawn Powers said...

That's very awesome. And even awesomer that the developer contacted and sent you Fetch 2. :)

I also used Fetch extensively in my OS8/9 days. With OSX, I tend to use CyberDuck. Apparently I choose my FTP clients by their cutesy mascots...

Tania said...

Oh how cool! I keep trying to get my dad to go back to Mac. The little Fetch fella makes me feel nostalgic.

Megadeus said...

Holycrap! You got a personal response AND gift from a Mac developer! Wow!

I need to start a more public blog and post about programs that have associated stuffed toys! =D

Anonymous said...

I've been using fetch pretty much over and over again today working on stuff. My little doggie is tired from all that running!

Very cool that the developer responded to your post so positively.