11 February 2008


In the southeastern U.S., azaleas are a sign of spring and cause for annual festivals. They grow wild everywhere, including in the patch of woods behind my apartment. Yesterday I glanced out at my patio and saw the first ones for 2008.

Looks like spring has arrived extra early this year.


Tania said...

How pretty! Thanks for sharing. We'll have flowers here in about 3 months.

Random Michelle K said...

Now you're just *taunting* us with your flower pr0n!

It's 7 F this morning. It's a long while until my rhododendrons bloom.

But they are pretty. The one looks similar to my purple gem rhododendron.

Shawn Powers said...

Wow, we have school canceled due to weather (uh, cold weather), and you're having flowers. Somehow that seems unfair. ;)

But dog gonnit, summer is coming. Both months of it. hehehehe