04 February 2008

The Mother of All Flame Wars

What started with a copyright violation issue over a video on Youtube about Tom Cruise being a Scientologist has, in the past three weeks, turned into exchanges of website cracking, DOS attacks, and worldwide street demonstrations about free speech and censorship.

It's all-out war between the Church of Scientology and Project Chanology, and it's retardedly awesome. Every time I see another headline about it on Wikinews, my giggling gets louder. I thought I'd share. :) The latest is here, but check out the progression in the Related Stories sidebar and Related News near the bottom.


Tom said...

Thanks for pointing this out. I saw the Annonymous video Janiece posted, but didn't know if it was for real or not. Now it seems as if it is.

Jim Wright said...

Yeah, look's like L. Ron's zombie hordes have met their match at last.

'Retardedly awesome' is the perfect description.

Nathan said...

MWT is now the official "pointer outer" of all things retarded. :D

Random Michelle K said...

That's just bizarre.

Though I guess Bizarre and Scientology are redundant.